Le vent se lève


Balance is all about findinf your equilibrium trough mouvements, an hommage to Calder's mobile sculptures

DA: Louise Kopij

Photo: Christophe Bustin

make up: Jérome Joway

haire: Cora Debain

modèle: Chloé Dejardin


Black and Gold

Black And Gold is power collection, sensuality and freedom!

DA: Louise Kopij

Assistantes: Chloé Henri et Camille Combremont

Photo: Christophe Bustin

Make up: Jerome Joway

Modèle: Taisa Nunes et Penda Charles

Lingerie: Sarah Roces Buelga

Einstein's ring

Einstein's ring are optical effect that can be observed into the univers when a black whole create a lens and give a semi rouned shape to what's behind it for the observer. That semi circle patterns crosses the collection.

DA: Louise Kopij

Photo: Morgane Gielen

Make up: Lena Doryn

Modèles: Myra TyliannMichèle Kalipe

Lingerie: Sara Roces-buelga

chapeau: Mon chapeau d'or


Hystérie Collective